Regulating, Coordinating, and Enhancing the Delivery of Health Services

Our Purpose & Functions

Formed in 2006 through the Bermuda Health Council Act 2004, the Health Council enhances and coordinates the delivery of healthcare services. We are a regulatory body, ensuring health system sustainability by:

  • Licensing health insurers
  • Increasing cost effectiveness
  • Collaborating with stakeholders
  • Addressing complaints and queries
  • Monitoring health finance and expenditure
  • Facilitating new health system infrastructure
  • Ensuring that employers provide health insurance for their employees

To read more about our legislated functions, click to view the Health Council’s Log of Legislated Responsibilities.

Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans are multi-year plans detailing the direction of the Health Council.  These Plans are used as a basis for identifying the annual corporate plan objectives and deliverables.

To regulate, coordinate and enhance the delivery of health services.

Care quality and standards: Collaborating with all whom have a vested interested in our health system to encourage best practice when delivering care.

Finance and economics: Monitoring resources available for improving the health system and the health of the population.

Accountability: Being transparent with the public about what we do and how we do it.

Regulation: Ensuring all organizations and services that influence our health are operating according to the law.


Policies provide standards for the execution of daily operations of the Health Council.


Procedures provide a standard for the execution of legislated Health Council functions and operations.