Advanced Registered Health Service Providers

The published register consists of all health service providers (businesses, organizations, or facilities) who are voluntarily registered with the Council at an Advanced level. While the Basic level of registration requires only the submission of an application form and the few supporting documents, Advanced registrants must additionally provide documents supporting quality provision of services.  Quality can be verified in two ways: the facility may give proof of accreditation with an external agency, or a health service provider may choose to complete the Council’s Annual Self-Assessment form. The form asks a series of questions related to access, effectiveness, and safety while confirming that the facility is compliant with the legal obligations necessary to operate in Bermuda. For forms and registration, click here. Queries can be directed to us at 292-6420 or

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Life and Thrive

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First Name: Clare
Last name: Pemberton
Postal code: HM11
19 Queen Street, Hamilton, Bermuda, Hamilton, Bermuda

Health and Fertility Coaching. Heavy Metal Hair Analysis. Nutritional Support.


PIN#: 100863M0108

Contact Information
Phone: 705-3727

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