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Creating a culture for health in Bermuda will require different ways of working across the public, private, and third sector to tackle the wider social and economic issues that affect health and to deliver services in different ways that support communities and individuals manage their own health and sustain healthy behaviours. The Ministry of Health, with support of the Bermuda Health Council, will be holding a series of town halls, technical briefings and meetings to talk about the two consultation points:

  1. What a new basic insurance plan should include and cost (which will replace SHB)
  2. What we need to do to transition to a unified health financing system (a Roadmap)

Over the coming months, everyone will have an opportunity to contribute to the discussions on what the future of healthcare in Bermuda should look like. The following table is a log of the consultations that have taken place to date in relation to the consultation points.  Meetings will be ongoing with the various stakeholders and stakeholder groups.


This list is updated regularly.

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