The Health Council is working closely with the Ministry of Health and stakeholders to provide support and information on Coronavirus. To find out how we’re supporting the health care system during the pandemic, visit our news page here. To learn more about the Health Council’s community discussions, click here.

Are you experiencing Coronavirus Hygiene Fatigue?

Protect yourself and others by following these simple measures every day to help prevent the spread of infection.

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Mask wearing is essential in limiting the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Learn how to wear and use a mask properly.

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Long-term care facilities can take steps to improve and assess their preparedness for responding to COVID-19.

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How is the Health Council assisting during the pandemic? Watch the short video on¬†how we’re making an impact during COVID-19.

COVID-19 pandemic can act like sections in a band. Let’s crash the second wave this summer.

Watch the live discussion with senior technologist, Lee McArthur, and developer, Gabe Jones to discuss the importance of the Health IQ application.

What concrete steps should parents take right now to help their children stay protected and healthy from Coronavirus? Dr. Sylvanus Nawab offers tips and advice for you and your family.

Do you have a chronic health condition? Dr. Annabel Fountain provides information on how persons suffering with chronic conditions can protect themselves from the infection.

Healthy eating habits is critical particularly when your immune system may need to fight against infection. Dietitian, Hannah Jones shares recommendations for healthy eating if you are required to self-quarantine.


Health Professional Registration
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