Outgoing Correspondence

The Health Council regularly meets with various stakeholder groups to provide an opportunity to discuss any ongoing or upcoming health system matters that may directly or indirectly affect them.

The expandable menus on the right provide links to all correspondence sent to members of each stakeholder group.  Each correspondence lists the recipient(s), the date sent and the topic.

Correspondence are marked as confidential when they include information that relates to pending legislation or pending decisions.  Confidential correspondence are posted online once the information can be shared with the public.

Any queries about the contents of these documents should be directed to the individual identified as the sender.

Note: The numbers listed under Statutory Bodies & Regulated Professionals and Other indicate the number of groups that received the correspondence.   Please open the individual correspondence for more information.

CorrespondenceDate Sent Insurers Statutory Bodies &
Regulated Professionals
SHB ProvidersOthers
SPR Update 110 May 18AllAll
SPR Update 214 May 18AllAll
SPR Update 322 May 18AllAll
SPR Update 431 May 18AllAll
SPR Update 515 Jun 18AllAll
SPR Update 625 Jun 18AllAll
MDCO Update19 Jul 1822
HMS RFP25 Jul 181HMS Provicers3
Approved SHB Provider Quarterly Briefing30 Oct 18All
BHB CDM Changes 125 Jul 18AllAllFS and PS
BHB CDM Changes 227 Aug 18AllFS and PS
BHB CDM Changes 3 11 Sep 18AllFS and PS
Reimbursement Rates Update14 Dec 18All
Voluntary Registration for 201914 Dec 18AllAllAll
Claims Requirement Updates 2019- Total Fee Amount Charged11 Jan 2019AllAll
Communications Strategy Consulting Request for Interest21 Jan 2019
Claims Requirement Updates 201923 Jan 2019AllAll
Standard Health Benefit (SHB) Approved Provider Meeting28 Jan 2019 All
Standard Health Benefit (SHB) Moratorium6th March 2019 All All
Reimbursement of COVID Testing2nd March 2021All
COVID-19 Response re: PPE Coverage for Dentists 23rd Jun 2020All2
Fit to Fly Certificates17 Jan 2022AllAllAllFS and PS
Reimbursement of COVID Testing and Vaccination4 February 2022AllAll`All