Data Briefs

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Interest in our analysis of health system data is received from a variety of stakeholders both here locally and abroad.  As interest and suggestions for the type of information that would be valuable to the public are shared with the Council, the Council then use that type of information as part of our process in determining the types of information to publish. This determination of reporting also aligns to both our organizational strategy as well as what we identify as essential for progressing the health system forward.  Below you will find data analyses that have been done by the Council as supplements to the reports and larger research work that we complete. These data briefs below are presented by topic, with specifics such as diagnoses codes and procedures codes that were used.

Do you have great ideas that would benefit the public or the community in which you live?  We are happy to hear from you through our Data Analysis Interest Form.  For any clarification or follow up on what we have available on our website, please email


Request TopicsData Year(s)Date CompletedUtilisationExpenditureSpecialty AreaOther
Intellectual Disabilities2017-201930 April 20xDiagnoses
Podiatry HTA2017-201816 Oct 18xxProviders Type
Paediatric Dental20177 Aug 18xx
Cardio Rehab2017 - 201816 Oct 18xx
Plethysmography2017-201816 Oct 18xx
XRT Brachytherapy 2014-201816 Oct 18xDiagnoses
XRT Brachytherapy2014-201816 Oct 18x
Pulmonology2017-201816 Oct 18xxxProvider Type
Emergency Room 2017 -201816 Oct 18xx
CGM & CSII2017 - 201816 Oct 18xx
Rheumatology2017-201816 Oct 18xxxPharmaceuticals
Asthma201713 Dec 17xxPharmaceuticals
Chiropractic2017 - 201816 Oct 18xx
Colostomy201816 Oct 18
Massage Therapy 2017-201816 Oct 18xx
Birth/Delivery2014-201816 Oct 18xx
5 Domains of Care201719 Feb 18xx
Laboratory Claims2014-20177 Nov 17x
Dental Data201816 Oct 18Market Research
Palliative Care2017-201816 Oct 18xx
Physiotherapy2017-201816 Oct 18xx
Urology20178 Feb 18xx
Pain Management201717 Nov 17xx
Telemedicine2017-201816 Oct 18x
Cryotherapy2017-201816 Oct 18x
Psychotherapy201715 Nov 17xx
Medical Nutrition201715 Nov 17xx
Massage Therapy201715 Nov 17xx
Dysphagia201816 Oct 18xx
Mammography201816 Oct 18xx
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