David Rogers

David Rogers, MBA, BSMLS

Project Manager, Health Technology and Innovation

T: 292-6420 ext 232   E: dhrogers@bhec.bm

Health Council Functions
  • Develop the new regulatory structure for select health facilities
  • Coordinate the Health Technology Review Process
  • Oversee Statutory Board legislated compliance
  • Operationalize health service provider voluntary registration

Mr. David Rogers has worked with a wide array of health related agencies across Bermuda, the United States and Europe. His professional interest focuses on how regulatory processes can influence health system efficiency, and effectiveness.

In his current role, as a Project Manager with the Bermuda Health Council, he works to support the registration of health facilities, the development of clinical and practice guidelines, the monitoring of high risk medical technologies, and the analysis of health system capacity for clinical services and technologies. Prior to working with the Council, David served as a Laboratory Manager with Hope HHC Laboratory where he ensured clinical quality, regulatory compliance, and cost effective operations. David has also had experience working in medical insurance, pharmaceuticals, and in direct patient care. He uses this expertise to inform his current role.

Mr. Rogers earned a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science from Andrews University and an Master of Business Administration in Finance and Investments from the University of Stuttgart.