Forms and Registration

All registered health service providers and laboratories have been granted the ability to provide COVID-19 rapid antigen testing, and issue the corresponding fit-to-fly certificates for individuals traveling to the United States. Health service providers must insure that all fit-to-fly certificates contain the required information, and are in a form accepted by the traveller’s destination.

Vaccine and Supervised Antigen Testing Approval Form

Supervised Antigen Testing and Fit-to-Fly Certificate Protocol (For Travellers and Health Service Providers)

The Health Council currently registers health service providers (facilities) on a voluntary basis. Voluntary registration is not required by law. Registering a health service provider helps to ensure that the provider is meeting minimum safety and operational standards, the people delivering the health services are registered and adequately trained, and any high risk technology is monitored. Voluntary registration also guides the Health Council in making recommendations for insurance reimbursement for providers.

How to Register:

All health facilities are encouraged to download and complete the Facility Registration Application Form, the Health Service Provider Medical Equipment List, the Services List and the Staff List documents. These required documents must be uploaded to the online application form. Links to the required documents are provided below. For questions or concerns, please contact us by email or give us a call at 292-6420.

For legislated fees, go to the Bermuda Laws website or click the link at: Government Fees Amendment Regulations 2018 (, for legislative information regarding Clinical Labs, read The Public Health (Clinical Laboratories) Regulations 2002 and review our list of Clinical Labs at:

All health insurers (which includes health insurance companies, approved employer-financed health schemes, and the Health Insurance Department of the Bermuda Government) wishing to undertake health insurance business in Bermuda must apply to the Bermuda Health Council for a license which will be valid from the approval date until 31st December of the same year. License renewals take place on an annual basis from 1st January of each year.

Home Medical Services (HMS) are professional nursing services provided in the home to treat a medical condition. The Health Council approves HMS and reimbursement rates to be covered under the Standard Health Benefit. A patient must be referred by a physician to an approved HMS agency to qualify for the benefit.

Physician Referral Form for Home Medical Services

The Health Council regularly receives and analyzes data from health system stakeholders as part of a particular request or as part of our routine system review processes.  In support of our mandate to educate the public on health system matters, we are currently working on enhancing our Data Analytics Suggestion Form which stakeholders can complete to assist us in understanding what types of analytics are of interest to the public. Until the form is complete, please email suggestions to

Please note, submissions will not be acknowledged individually and suggestions are not guaranteed to be acted on.  Selected analyses will be published on our Data Briefs page.

The Health Insurance (Health Service Providers and Insurers) (Claims) Regulations 2012 prohibit charging insured patients for the insured portion of a health bill at the time of service (upfront payments), and set out the requirements and procedures for providers to make claims and receive reimbursement.

The Bermuda Health Council monitors and enforces compliance by health service providers and insurers with the Regulations.


Health Insurance Claims Form

CR1- Application by Insurer Claims Regulations
This form is for use by insurers who wish to apply to vary time requirements to pay electronic health insurance claims per section 10 of the Health Insurance (Health Service Providers and Insurers) (Claims) Regulations 2012.

CR2- Application by Provider Claims Regulations
This form is for use by health service providers who wish to apply for permission to require payment by an insured person of the insured portion of a procedure in accordance with section 5 of the Health Insurance (Health Service Providers and Insurers) (Claims) Regulations 2012.

CR3- Application for Exemption Claims Regulations
This form is for use by health service providers who wish to apply for an exemption in accordance with section 15 of the Health Insurance (Health Service Providers and Insurers) (Claims) Regulations 2012.