Health Facility Directory

Below is a comprehensive table of all known health providers and clinical laboratories offering clinical services and diagnostic testing in Bermuda. The health facility master list offers a facility’s general information and includes activity, addresses, phone numbers, administrator names, and registration status. Listed facilities are also classified by type, specialty, and business category.

Our objective is to provide the public and stakeholders with helpful and easy to access information. The information outlined was collected and verified through a wide variety of sources and methods. The table is also updated as often as necessary to reflect the ever-changing healthcare landscape accurately.

Below you can search for facilities, professionals and how to contact them. To search, please use the Ctrl+F function. For example, if you would like to see all the GPs, engage the search function (Ctrl+F) and type “General Practice” in the search bar. You can also search by facility, service type, practice area, and professionals’ names.

While the registry does include information on a facility’s registration status, the registry is NOT a legal register. The facilities listed have NOT been evaluated for quality, and are NOT endorsed by the Bermuda Health Council. To submit an edit, add a facility or laboratory, or for additional information, please contact us at 292-6420 or email us at

When information about your health business changes, you can contact the Health Council and provide us with updates to help ensure we can share the most accurate information with your potential clients. Click the ‘Health Facility Directory” button below. Search for your health business and review the information listed. If your health business information has changed, contact us by phone at 292-6420 or by email and provide us with the new information.