Health Technology Review (HTR)

A Health Technology Review (HTR) is a systematic multidisciplinary evaluation of the effect and impact a health technology or service will have on the island’s health system. The Health Council conducts HTR evaluations as requested by external stakeholders, i.e. insurance companies, health service providers, and government bodies. The Health Council researches information on other jurisdictions, analyses local data, and convenes a committee of subject matter experts to opine on the topic selected. A guidance document is produced that highlights the findings and recommendations made. This report is written with the intent to inform decision making and educating the public on the services and technologies operating within their community.

For any clarification or requests for HTRs, please email

Topic and Service TypeRequesting BodySubmission DateOutcomeDescription
Phycology and Psychiatry GOV25 September 2017 SupportedIntegrated mental health practice
AnaesthesiologyGOV19 September 2017 SupportedOutpatient pain management
Dialysis SHB Approval29 September 2017 Supported with ConditionsOutpatient peritoneal and hemodialysis
Ultrasound SHB Approval24 October 2017 Not SupportedDiagnostic sonic imaging
Tele-Medicine Insurer 26 September 2017 Not SupportedPrimary care provided remotely
Ortho/Rehab/DMD HSP24 October 2017 SupportedCold compression device
Nutrition SHB Approval27 October 2017SupportedCommunity based dietitian service
LaboratorySHB Approval27 October 2017Supported with ConditionsClinical diagnostic laboratory services
Diabetic Devices HSP24 October 2017 Not SupportedWearable device clinical trial
PhysioTherapyGOV9 November 2017 SupportedOutpatient rehabilitation
Palliative Care HSP1 January 2018SupportedPhysician provided community palliative care
Urology & Ultrasound GOV1 February 2018SupportedUrology imaging and practice
Therapeutic Massage GOV6 March 2018Supported with ConditionsMedically prescribed massage
Dental GOV1 January 2018SupportedFull service dental practice
Plethysmograph Insurers28 March 2018SupportedDevices that measure the capacity of the lungs
Cardiac Rehab Insurers16 May 2018SupportedAdvanced practice physiotherapy specialty
Sleep Studies Insurers28 March 2018Supported with ConditionsDiagnostic testing for sleep pathologies
Specialty Medicine Insurers28 March 2018SupportedReview of medical specialties operating on the island
Diabetic Devices Insurers28 March 2018Supported with ConditionsWearable device clinical trial
After hours Urgent Care Center Insurers28 March 2018Not SupportedOutpatient emergency care
Fiberoptic Endoscopic EvaluationHSP5 August 2018Supported with ConditionsEvaluation of swallow
General Practicioner Offices GOV16 July 2018SupportedPrimary care provided by physicians