The Innovation Programme (“Programme”) provides support for innovative solutions to address Bermuda’s high rates of non-communicable chronic diseases and associated disabilities.

The programme is funded by a transfer from the Mutual Reinsurance Fund (“MRF”) to support public health interventions that consider local context, are derived within the local environment and can complement the health system in addressing this major health system issue of chronic disease.

We welcome programmes, initiatives, and innovations that address the risks associated with non-communicable chronic diseases. The Health Council will provide Programme oversight, and all reporting of the use of awarded funds and outcomes resulting from the funded initiatives will be made public.


Submit a LETTER OF INTENT if you have an idea that falls within one of the focus areas and meets the investment requirements of the Programme as described in Guide to Navigating the Innovation Programme.

Current Focus Areas

The Health Council’s Innovation Programme Year-End Report is now available!

For the period 1st June 2019 to 30th June 2020

Click Here to View Report

Before you apply:

Useful LinksSummary
Guide to Navigating the Innovation ProgrammeDetails the structure, purpose and expectations of the Fund and Programme
Innovation Programme TimelineProvides proposal submission deadlines and benefit start date.
Letter of IntentUsed to submit an LOI. An LOI must be submitted and approved prior to submitting a formal proposal.


After you apply:

Useful LinksSummary
Summary of Proposals ReceivedSummary of all proposals submitted and the status of their review.
Scoring Rubric for ProposalsScoring criteria applied to all proposals by the Proposal Review Committee


Once your proposal has been approved:

Useful Links Summary
Funding Agreement Template
Agreement to be made between the fund administrator and the applicant about what to expect from each other before, during and after funding is provided.
Progress Report Template
Form used by the provider of the approved programme/benefit to submit reports on progress. Submission and acceptance of this form is required for payment to be made to the provider.
Early Termination Request FormForm used to request to terminate the agreement between the provider and the Fund administrator. Details of the implications of early termination of the agreement can be found in the Funding Agreement Template below.
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