Feb 28

Servicing Bermuda’s debt depends on healthy people

The Health Council announces release of its 2016 National Health Accounts Report. The report tracks how much money flows into the health system, and what it is used for. The report shows a marginal, year-on-year decrease in Total Health Expenditure (THE). Click here for full press release
Feb 21

The Health Council Monitors Health Professionals

The Health Council releases its annual report on the performance of statutory boards that register health professionals to practice in Bermuda. The report is based on information provided by each board that oversees the various health professions. Click here for full press release
Feb 13

Health Council Launches Patient Safety Video

In promoting Bermuda’s health system as a safe and trusted system delivering quality care, the Health Council is pleased to launch a video explaining the importance of patient safety laws for Bermuda. Click here for full press release
Find out what we're doing as a Health Council during COVID-19.