The Bermuda Health Council, in collaboration with the University of West Indies are conducting two surveys in Bermuda. The objective of the Bermuda Public Health Surveys is to gather information that will help improve the prevention of illnesses and to promote the health of Bermudians. Your participation is an opportunity to make a difference in Bermuda’s healthcare system. The information you provide will contribute to important decisions being made for the community of Bermuda, such as decisions about health programmes and policies. In addition, this survey will shed light on illnesses and enable health professionals and policy makers to face challenges in public health. All information collected is confidential.

Questions or concerns?

Please contact the Bermuda Health Council by phone at 292-6420 or email us at


About Survey #1 

The first survey will allow the community to understand the preferences of the Bermuda population and it will help policy makers and clinicians to make healthcare decisions that take the preferences of the population into account. This survey is a 30-45 minute phone interview open by invitation only. An incentive of $18 is provided to qualified participants. This study has been extended to 23rd September.

About Survey #2

The second survey will begin immediately after the first survey is complete. This survey is a 5-minute on-line survey that will allow us to understand the health of the population and it will also provide a snapshot of population health that can form the basis for comparison with future studies. There are no incentives paid to respondents for this survey, however it is open to all residents. This survey will begin immediately after the first study closes.